Natalie Bedini

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International Women’s Day 2023: Women of Pharmacy in Focus Series

This year for International Women’s Day we are highlighting women across the Australian pharmacy industry who are at different stages of their careers. Our interview subject today is Natalie Bedini, a senior pharmacist who works in consulting at the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia!

March 7th: Interview with Natalie Bedini

What is your name and role?
Natalie Bedini, Senior Pharmacist – Consulting at the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA).

What challenges do you experience in your work?

There were times when I worked as the sole pharmacist in both community and hospital pharmacy settings; I often found that not having a colleague to bounce ideas off was challenging. Since there was no one to cover my shifts, I felt a lot of pressure to not take time off when sick. Working in a fast-paced environment can be stimulating for a while, but as the months dragged on, I would become burnt out. I know many pharmacists experience this.

I decided to look for a role that was a little different. In my current role I do have times that are high-pressure, but it is then balanced with calmer times. We have incredible flexibility at PSA: I work from home some days and ‘flex’ my hours to fit around school drop off and pick up, which takes some of my life stress off me. I have lovely and supportive colleagues. And of course, when I am sick, I don’t feel pressure to continue working.

Photo of pharmacist Natalie Bedini
Natalie Bedini

How do you look after yourself and maintain your wellbeing?
These days I prioritise sleep! It makes for a very quiet life, but I am more ready to handle whatever the day throws at me. 

What do you value about the Pharmacists’ Support Service?
I love that PSS has the support from all of pharmacy, all the organisations get together because they see how important this service is for pharmacists. I also love how passionate the volunteers and employees of PSS are, they truly believe in the value of the service and go above and beyond to ensure it continues and provides a high standard of care.

Thank you for reading today’s profile! Tune in tomorrow for the next in our series of interviews in the lead up to International Women’s Day on March 8th!

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