Mahek Shah

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International Women’s Day 2023: Women of Pharmacy in Focus Series

This year for International Women’s Day we are highlighting women across the pharmacy industry in Australia who are at different stages of their careers. Our interview subject today is Mahek Shah, an intern pharmacist at a hospital via Monash Health!

March 5th: Interview with Mahek Shah

What is your name and role?
My name is Mahek Shah and I am an intern pharmacist at a hospital – Monash Health and their affiliated sites.

What challenges do you experience in your work as a pharmacy intern? 
I have found it challenging to switch off “Pharmacy mode” after work and continue to think about some of the patients I’ve spoken to. In addition to this, my full time study load alongside full time work has taken some time to adjust to. 

How do you look after yourself and maintain your wellbeing?
I value spending my time with family and maintaining hobbies such as reading and gardening (when I don’t see spiders). I also enjoy food photography and videography – in other words I am a massive ‘foodie’. Having multiple interests outside pharmacy is important to me as these can allow my mind to rest as well as contribute to life-long learning.

Photo of Mahek Shah, pharmacy intern
Mahek Shah

What do you value about the Pharmacists’ Support Service?
I met Kay during my time as a president for the Victorian Pharmacy Students’ Association (VPSA): since then I have followed the PSS journey and it is truly amazing to see how far PSS has come, truly deserved. I value that ALL members of the Pharmacy profession have access to PSS. PSS has always been a support line during my time as a student, I remember attending a laughing workshop co-run by Kay, laughter is truly great medicine!

Thank you for reading today’s profile! Tune in tomorrow for the next in our series of interviews in the lead up to International Women’s Day on March 8th!

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