Pharmacists' Support Service 1300 244 910

We offer support related to the many demands of being a pharmacist in Australia.


  • the fundamental need of the Australian community to have a sound, safe and professionally functioning network of community and public pharmacists; and
  • the pressures and problems that community and public pharmacists face in connection with the performance of their professional duties.

The object of the Pharmacists’ Support Service (PSS) is to afford assistance and support in necessitous cases to persons who are practising pharmacists, pharmacy interns and students in Australia.

This assistance and support shall take the form of direct counselling and support services provided through the PSS network of volunteers. There may be cases, however, where particular issues cannot be resolved by PSS volunteers and in these circumstances volunteers may make arrangements for referral to other suitably qualified professionals.

The circumstances and difficulties affecting pharmacists in relation to which PSS provides assistance and support include (but are not limited to) substance abuse, crime related trauma, suicide, sickness and health (including mental health) problems and difficulties arising from professional and financial pressures. Incidentally, PSS also aims to raise awareness among pharmacists of the importance of maintaining health and well being as an essential aspect of competency to practice as a pharmacist and to meet the needs and expectations of the Australian community in relation to pharmacy services.